I inspire 50+ women getting excited about their lives again
by discovering their magic potentials and the steps needed to make this life a reality.

I’m so glad you’re here, because I’ve got an important message for you!

Think getting older is a pain? I invite you to re-think.
Growing older is a privilege, although many of us fail to see it as such.
Why? We still compare ourselves to our grandparents’ generation!
For them, life was almost over when they hit 50.
For our generation, though, turning 50 can be … the beginning of a whole new life. At least, if you want it to.


Is this you?

  • You want to get more out of life
  • Your career is not satisfying anymore
  • You’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed
  • You know deep down you’re meant to do something else
  • You have this deep desire and you do not know how to change


Let’s team-up and start our discovery journey!

The longest journey
starts with the first step.

Chinese saying

Together we’ll figure out what’s best for you,
so that you can start a new chapter in your life, full of energy and joy.

It’s time to love your life again!

Stop doubting and procrastinating,
take your life into your own hands.

Your blueprint is waiting for you 🙂

Live the Life you Love


its Claudia


Let me introduce myself. I’m Claudia and I’m passionate about inspiring women, just like you, who are experiencing a midlife rollercoaster. That’s what I call this uneasy feeling you get once you turn 50 and realise that you’re not happy with how your life looks like. Maybe you feel stuck, indecisive, lonely, tired, confused, …

I’ve totally been in your shoes and know how hard it can be to crave change, yet, have no clue where to begin.

7 Steps To Live A Balanced Life From Your 50s

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I’d love to work with you


to inspire you to take your first steps towards a more fulfilling, joyful and happy life. The life you’ve always dreamt of! It’s time to take that deep dive. Don’t worry, I’ll be guiding you every step of the way, with love, empathy, care and a whole lot of experience and proven methods to guarantee your success.


I can’t wait to get to know you!

What clients say about Claudia



„I have tried multiple times to design and conduct my own programs that would lead to establishment of good habits and leading a more balanced life. They were usual very short breathed, and even those most successful managed to be fruitful in only one desired area of change – I either succeeded to quit smoking for a longer period of time, or reduced my weight, or improved my fitness… Working with Claudia enabled me for the first time to make a visible progress in more than one area. I have introduced good activities helping my mental and spiritual betterment, as well as my health, fitness, and work-free time balance. Claudia has had a lot to offer, with a personal experience and practice validation of what she recommends. She was optimistic and she well played my conscience in this process. I wish I could say we have achieved everything we planned for, but this is not the case. Yet. For one, the process I have started is a long journey and the purpose to itself. Objectives are important as they guide journey through useful and satisfaction-giving routes, but the journey is the real goal. Secondly, I still have to tame my addictive behavior to give the way to more balanced approach based on patience. Work with Claudia gave me something very valuable – desire to go on and not to succumb to self-guilt and desperation. I will never fail, though I may never succeed. But I will be more and more smiling, more and more patient, and more and more loving person as I go on. With Claudia continuing to help me balance my life. “





Relax ToolBox Program

It is a very important experience to find someone that helps you to relax and create in 1 hour an absolutely moment for you, and yourself. Thank you.!!

The special gym or performance done every Wednesday morning creates an atmosphere of physical relax plus, a nice moment of stress release.

Reward experience of health. Great!



GutMatters Program

My history:  before I went vegan 2 years ago I had been plagued by acid reflux, by changing my diet it seemed to be manageable then in Christmas 2019 I had a cold ..(maybe helped along by a few late nights and Christmas parties)  the subsequent coughing .. brought about a re-occurrence of acid and it really was miserable! Nothing seemed to work. I took to trying store remedies out of desperation. Nothing helped!

I did some research and it seemed that store remedies are rarely the answer and with prolific acid the only option is to change what you eat… and full up on healthy bacteria. This is harder than it sounds! When you feel you are already doing quite well…what do you change?

Around this time Claudia suggested the Gut Matter program, knowing I needed to make some changes I decided I had nothing to lose…

The program was easy to follow – the FB Lives you can watch any time, I put them on after work. There are some recipes I only used the vegan ones, or veganized them.

Claudia can order the supplements for you if you ask nicely J they have worked for me…

To be honest – it was fairly easy, I lost weight … went from 10st9 to 10st2 … which was a real added bonus, my only goal at the time was to feel better and stop coughing! Yet, the weight loss… I am pleased with. It suggests to me that my gut is dealing better with what I put in it. I do have better energy levels and feel less foggy…

All in all I am very pleased with the results. If I am honest I came to do this in a time when I felt quite low and a little dispirited. Now I am feeling well and being cough free is amazing! The energy acid reflux sucks out of you becomes apparent when you do not have to battle it any longer!

Thanks Claudia and the team xxxx