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LifeStyle Training, Workshops & Personal Coaching and by following a concept which is

  • Integral – body, spirit, soul
  • Considering the different areas of life

 With the aim of individual, personally tailored and sound balance.



Welcome to the SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge

The SexyFit™ Nutrition Challenge will teach you step-by-step how to create lifelong healthy habits, and help you detox your body in an easy, healthy way to keep you feeling and looking your best. With tools to help you look & feel better than ever.



My life changed once I decided to do what I love. I have experiences, skills and tools to help YOU get excited about your life too. Supported by coaching you can take back control of designing the life you want.


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GutMatters Program


28-Days Immune Support

Join me and a team of experts for a simply structured program that focus on supporting healthy immune system habits into your life. You’ll promote your immunity, and enhance your overall health, too.

The faculty of wellness professionals includes Physicians, Health Coaches and Psychotherapists.

 TeamPartner BalanceYrLife


Join my Team BalanceYrLife

Claudia’s BalanceYrLife Team is for Health & Wellness-minded individuals and professionals who believe in the possibility of living an abundant life, being in alignment with nature’s offerings and are looking for a way to share this message, improve available resources and create a lifestyle of joy, freedom, quality & fulfilment for themselves and others.

RESET Program


7-Days to “reset” your body systems towards a “Happy & Healthy ME” – available in three languages … English, German, Dutch

A lifestyle-reset with long lasting effect through focus on nutrition psychology, movement & holistic wellness.

It’s a kick-start towards a lifestyle which fits you.

 Relax ToolBox Program


With the intention … StressLess & RelaxMore.

Find out what the best options are for you to cope with stress & tension and create your very personal and sure working for you “Relax ToolBox”.

You experience scientifically proven relaxation techniques as well as breathing & moving exercises with the aim to increase your awareness of your body’s signals, act quicker towards unbalance and tension and handle challenges of life with more ease.