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BalanceYrLife & Experience Sound

A magic world to discover. Full of surprises and new encounters.
An invitation to a pleasure journey which directs the awareness towards the inner self.
A well-being experience and a wonderful option to relax.

 Relax Moments
Imaging …

You are in a forest

Listening to the wind going through the leaves
And then …

The sound of a singing bole
One minute of conscious listening
Is all you need ….


Experiencing an instant relax moment

With love from heart  to  heart

How to live your best life after 50

How to live your best life after 50

Think getting older is a pain? Think again! Growing older is a privilege, although many of us fail to see it as such. Why? We still compare ourselves to our grandparents’ generation! For them, life was almost over when they hit 50. For our generation, though, turning 50 can be the beginning of a whole new life. At least, if you want it to.

Let me give you my best personal advice on how to get the life you want.

Can you change your life at 50?

Yes, life can change at any age. If you feel like your life is a rollercoaster, that you don’t have a clear purpose in life and do what other people expect of you, it’s time to think things over. Even if you have no idea how to change things, it all starts with becoming conscious of your desire for change.

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is a conscious choice” Heather Ash Amara

How to get the life you want after 50?

You must decide what is important to you and then make a plan. If it is what you truly want and need, you can make it happen. But of course, you first need to know what it is you want. Here are two great ways to help you figure out what you want in life.

Start moving and clarity will come

The thing that really helped me change my life was becoming fit again. As an IT professional, I used to sit for hours in a row behind a computer. The older I got, the more my body hurt and yearned for some movement. I started with walking, as this was the easiest way to get my body moving. I was surprised how good it made me feel – so easy, yet so effective. The walking gave me clarity of thought. Gradually but surely I discovered my true calling.

Pay attention to your thoughts

The second change that helped me in crafting the life I wanted was to pay more attention to what I was thinking. Let me explain. Mindfulness and meditation helped me to see how many negative conversations I was having with myself! I couldn’t simply unthink or ignore these thoughts, but the mere act of acknowledging that they were there was enough to not take them so seriously anymore. It opened up so much head space for positive, future-centred thoughts that moved me forward instead of backwards.

Do you want more guidance on how to get a balanced life after 50? Then grab my free guide ‘7 steps to live a balanced life from your 50’s’ here.

Start living your best life today

You don’t need to wait for something dramatic to happen in order to start making changes in your life. Start your journey of self realization and transformation today! Many small steps will make a big difference. Explore what more exercise and mindfulness can do for you. Want personal support? Book a free clarity session with me. I will help you get clear on what your first steps will be. Don’t hesitate, your new life is waiting for you!